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The Highest Art in the World of Translation

   The qualified fiction translation is a special service of great worth. Despite seeming simplicity and easiness, just a few of translators are able to complete a proper fiction translation. In such a case, the professional should pay attention rather to creative re-processing of the original, though not to word-to-word transferring of the notions flow.

   The delicacy of fiction translation resides in complete and adequate presentation of the original text granting retention of author's individual style of writing and masterpiece's air. While working over fiction the translator should by no means not only understand the author's intention and idea of the text, but also be able to  transmit the same ideas and concepts by means of the target language. It's crucial to adjust the original text kindred to one culture to the other mentality as much as possible, and also leave unchanged the author's humor, the story's climate and general message.

   The fiction translation usually includes large- and small-scale fiction prose, non-fiction books and famous people memoirs, magazine articles and other kinds of journalistic genre, advertising materials and many other pieces of literature.

   Our Company accepts orders for translation of belles-letters pieces and public houses' or authors' franchises, articles, letters collections, etc. from both publishing companies and private individuals.



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