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Translation of Technical Documents and Articles, Technical and Scientific Literature. Terms Equivalency

   Technical Translation is among hottest services in our Company. However, it's fairly supposed to be one of the most difficult translation subjects. Everything depends upon the professional competency of the translator. Actually, there're few sophisticated technical translators. Moreover, none of them could translate in all and every fields - each translator is an expert of a couple areas only.

   Master Translation Company professionals will translate for you in the following subjects:

  • Energy  
  • Car Building
  • Aviation
  • Industrial Construction
  • Highway Construction
  • Metallurgy
  • Instrument Engineering
  • Mechanic Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Ship Building
  • Woodwork and Timber Industry
  • Communication, Airing and Seasoning
  • Geology-Prospecting Equipment
  • Oil and Gas Development and Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • IT
Technical Articles Translation. Terms Equivalency

   Terminological competency is a basic point of technical translation regardless of the subject. The correct terms' matching allows completing exact and precise technical translation together with providing maximal possible contextual replacement.

   The translation of technical articles is especially requested for technical maintenance, professional equipment, tools, vehicles, etc. overhaul. Proper and literary translation of terms, notions and definitions together with charts, schemes, manuals, names of components and processes, which often have their original and unique nominations is extremely important in course of translating technical articles.

Translation of Technical Documents

   A vast number of equipment and replacement parts and accessories can be never used without technical descriptions and various certificates. That's why the Client is keen to get the precise translation of technical documents as soon as possible thereupon receipt of new machinery. Moreover, the next stage of implementation - staff training - directly depends upon proper and timely translation of technical documentation of new equipment: operating and repairing instructions and manuals, learning networks, charts, schemes, plans, drawings, etc.

   Our Company involves only skilled professionals who have a sound experience in this very subject together with the University degree for the translation of the above mentioned papers. Our translators are familiar with all possible niceties in the subject of translation.

Technical and Scientific Literature Translation

   Our Company also accepts orders for translation of technical and scientific literature. The texts of the kind call for special attention of the translator and demands for great literacy from the latter. This translation subject includes: scientific theses, monographs, treatises, categorizations, tractates research reports necessary for further development of various sciences. This sphere of translation is often closely connected to training literature translation essential for efficient staff training. Finally, scientific and technical literature should be translated for innovative technologies and scientific inventions' implementation.

   Do you need technical translation of top quality? Our professional are at your disposal! Master Translation Company offers:

  • sound experience of professionals in various branches of technical translation;
  • translators-experts in particular areas;
  • proper translating of terms, notions, categorizations;
  • timely completion of heavy orders;
  • competitive prices.

  Master Translation - always quality, promptness, confidence!